George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

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Well George Zimmerman is making the media rounds as if he has a movie premiere coming up and of course he doesn’t want any publicity!  Here a quote from one of the interviews he gave on his current “plight!”

“When you hit your head repeatedly against the concrete, you have a broken nose, eyes full of blood and tears, you’re not in the position to do much,”

George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffering from PTSD” New York Daily News, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well now I understand that he was found not guilty which of course doesn’t mean he is innocent, just that a jury found “reasonable doubt”, but his claim that Trayvon Martin  punched him in the face 12+ times, smashing his head into the concrete each time is still ludicrous.  It defies the laws of physics, human anatomy and common sense and is contradicted by the…

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A COMPREHENSIVE list of GZ’s falsehoods and inconsistencies



(in progress, incomplete for now, check back for updates)

By establishing just how thorough George Zimmerman’s falsehoods and inconsistencies have been, we can establish just how thorough the failure of our social institutions were in this case. This page is meant to be a one stop resource for all the revelations about GZ’s credibility that are currently scattered in various spots over the web, to be used as a tool by researchers in academia, the media, and the general public.

I have made a page for text files of Zimmerman’s statements.

By my count, there are no less than 9 versions of Zimmerman’s story:

A. NEN call

B. Written statement

C. Initial interview with Singleton

D. Initial interview with Serino

E. Walk-through “re-enactment”

F. CVSA recording

G. ‘Challenge’ interview with Serino and Singleton

H. Hannity interview

I. As told to Mark Osterman

I think it makes sense to divide this…

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John Good. That is one name Zimmerman supporters regularly use to justify their decision to believe Zimmerman’s story. The truth is if the DOJ are serious about looking into charging Zimmerman with a hate crime then it will be another failed investigation if if they do not look into John Good and the police handling of this very strange witness.

Why is Good such a strange witness? Well, first of all, he is the only witness that was able to look into total darkness and see skin color. Not only was he the only one able to see skin but he could also make out two different types of colors of clothing in the dark. Yet they would ask him other questions and he would answer “it was too dark.” For instance, they asked if Martin had his hoodie over his head while he was on top of Zimmerman. Good said it was too dark. So then the next logical question is did you see the side of his face? Good does not remember. Did you see their hands? No. Did you see their mouths to determine who was screaming? No, it was too dark said Good. I’m still wondering why they never asked which part of Martin and Zimmerman’s skin he could see if he couldn’t see their faces, both were covered in clothes. The only thing he should have seen were hands per his story and yet he couldn’t see if they had anything in their hands nor did he describe what the person on the bottom was doing with his hands so that they were visible. His story is strange because he is the only witness who saw a struggle on the concrete. He is the only witness who described seeing a moving struggle with Martin on top the entire time. He is the only witness who allowed Detective Serino to help embellish his story and he originally claimed to have seen one person raining down blows on the other. His story is strange because he saw all of this within 10 seconds. He later changed his story to say he never saw an MMA style beating. Didn’t he know he didn’t see that the first time he was asked? Two witnesses saw him come to his door, say something briefly and then leave and they continued to watch longer than he did and yet they saw none of what he saw. According to all of the other witnesses there was no fight and the struggle took place in the grass the entire time. And then there is Jane Surdyka who watched it from the time they were on the ground initially until the time the shot was fired and she confirmed they were on the grass the entire time, as did Jeanee Manalo. How are witnesses who saw the encounter for more than 10 seconds less credible than Good? How could Good see well enough to see skin color but he didn’t notice they were never on the sidewalk? That doesn’t make sense. Why did Good describe something no one else saw and when did he come up with this story?

I went to and I looked up John Good’s original interview with police and it was very odd. Here is the link to the website Scroll to the middle of the page and listen to his audio file with Sanford Police Department dated February 26, 2012.

First, unlike the other interviews conducted Serino did not announce both the date and time at the beginning of the interview. I also noticed that Serino was very comfortable with Good as if they were very familiar with each other by the time the tape was started. I also find it odd that if they conducted this interview the night of the incident why did they do it outside in the rain? You can clearly tell it was conducted outside because the interview was interrupted by an airplane flying overhead. When CSI Diana Smith started snapping photos of the crime scene it was pouring rain in several of the pics. On that nasty night in February why was the interview conducted outside? Did Good really give his first statement the night of the murder? Can you really trust the SPD?

It is clear from Good’s 911 call that he was just discovering Martin’s race as he looked outside and saw Manalo flashing a light on the dead teen. It was at that time that he could also see clothing and the identity of the shooter. Did Good decide Martin was on top after he saw he was black? Isnt it possible that Good only made out clothes and skin with the benefit of light but he pretended he had noticed it after watching for 10 seconds in the dark? Why did no one ever ask Good how Martin and Zimmerman moved from the grass to the sidewalk? He said at least one person was screaming so they were an unwilling participant. How did the unwilling person move from the grass to the concrete? He says Martin remained on top even when they moved to the sidewalk HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Can you picture it? I can’t because it never happened. We know that the location of the body in grass and the fact that no one saw Martin move from the sidewalk to the grass after he was shot proves that Good lied about them ever being on the sidewalk. But how did Good know to tell a lie about them moving to the sidewalk? Could it have something to do with the mysterious outdoor in the rain interview with Serino? It’s clear that Good was at the window looking outside when he was talking to the 911 operaror. So when did Good start looking out of the window when he went inside? The shot had been fired and according to Good’s last view of the encounter the two were on the sidewalk. Did he see how they made it from the sidewalk back to the grass where Martin died and where Zimmerman was seen immediately over his body? I don’t believe Good only decided to look out the window once he was connected with 911 so what else did he see? There is no way Good can tell us what else he saw without admitting that what he claims he saw the first time was a lie. There would be no way he could explain where Martin eventually ended up without admitting that Zimmerman was not having his head smashed on concrete when the shot was fired.

Since we know they were never on the sidewalk, how did Good come to be instrumental in aiding to the clear lie that Zimmerman was having his head bashed on cement? In his first interview with Serino he said, “I don’t know if you’ve ever had your head bashed on concrete but it hurts.” And he said what prompted him to call police is when they moved to the sidewalk because that’s when he knew it was serious. The cries for help didn’t make it serious? But more importantly, the physical evidence found at the scene including belongings of both the participants and the shell casing says this encounter happened in grass. John Good made up a lie to help bolster Zimmerman’s story. When, where and how? That is a question for the D.O.J.

The State Prosecutors clearly believed John Good. Hopefully the DOJ investigators are much smarter than Angela Corey’s Motley Crue.

Five Questions for the Florida Prosecutors Who Tried George Zimmerman

1. Was it your decision to fail to highlight the botched investigation by the Sanford Police Department? You had Chris Serino on the stand and failed to remind him that he suggested that Zimmerman be arrested for Manslaughter. Subsequently, O’Mara was allowed to lead the jury to believe Zimmerman was trustworthy in the eyes of Serino. You also failed to call witnesses that were told by Serino that he was skeptical about Zimmerman’s story. Who made this decision and why?

2. Why did you push the meme that Martin was fighting Zimmerman? Not a single witness recalled seeing a fight but rather, a struggle, yet time and again you used the word “fight” to describe what happened that night. You even put on the Pathologist, Dr. Rao, who balled up her fist and mimicked punching herself in the face to explain how Martin could have hit Zimmerman and caused his injuries. In light of your own DNA evidence, there was no fight. Why did you lie on your dead client?

3. Why did you fail to see the importance of the testimony from your own witnesses? Jayne Surdyka and Jeanee Manalo testified that they were immediately drawn to their window when they heard a distinct howl or yelp. Both of those witnesses live at the T, where Zimmerman claims the altercation started. Neither of them saw Zimmerman or Martin fighting at the T although they were drawn to their window because of distinctive distress cries. Later they were drawn to their window a second and even third time when they heard distinctive cries for help and at that time they looked outside again and they saw the two individuals on the ground and they still were not directly at the T. Their testimony is important because it proves that Zimmerman lied about not following Martin down that pathway and he lied about Martin hitting him at the T and then stumbling forward to where the body was eventually found. In your opening argument you said that Zimmerman had followed and confronted Martin. Why did you fail to tell the jury that at least two witnesses, in addition to Rachel Jeantel, prove that Zimmerman fabricated the story of the encounter at the T to mask the fact that he was much further down that sidewalk than he should have been if he parked his car where he said he parked it?

4. Why did you mention time and again that Zimmerman had lied about extending Martin’s hands after he shot the teen without telling the jury why that lie was significant? Why did you fail to mention that Zimmerman had also lied about asking for help to restrain the dead teen? Zimmerman stated one reason and one alone for being caught on top of the teen’s dead body immediately after the shot was fired. His excuse was that he did not think he had shot the teen and because he was still moving he felt the teen needed to be restrained so he spread his arms apart to make sure Martin was not armed. Martin’s arms were found underneath his body. After he was seen on top of the teen, Zimmerman got up and walked away and left the dead teen face down in the grass. He walked back towards the T where he encountered John Manalo. He never asked Manalo to help him restrain Martin, which would have been useless at that point considering Martin had not moved. Zimmerman never told police he had walked away and left the teen lying there but he told them he was near the teens’ body the entire time. He wanted to give the police the impression that he was concerned about Martin being alive and or fleeing when the truth is he never sought to restrain Martin, he knew he was dead. The only reason Zimmerman would lie about why he was on the dead teen is because he was on the dead teen BEFORE the shot was fired. I have written a blog about Jane/Jayne Surdyka who placed Zimmerman on top of Martin BEFORE the shot was fired. He knew Selma Mora saw him on Martin. What he didn’t know is that Jeanee Manalo and Jayne Surdyka had also seen him on Martin. The evidence shows there was NO REASON for Zimmerman to be on the teen to “restrain” him after the shot was fired because he clearly knew he was dead, that’s why he walked away and left him lying there. Later at the police station he pretended he didn’t know Martin had died. This means he was conscious of the fact that he needed an excuse for being on the teen when the shot was fired. Why did the Prosecutor ask questions but then fail to give answers? It seems they wanted to put the pieces together but were afraid to do so. Meanwhile, the Defense painted their version of what really happened and even brought a block of concrete into the courtroom to drive their point home. I have never seen a case where the Prosecution fails to put together a coherent picture of what really happened while allowing the Defense to do just that. The Prosecution did not want to win this case.

5. Why did John Guy place Martin on top of Zimmerman up until the time the shot went off and why did he insist Martin never saw the gun? Wouldn’t that mean that Martin was the aggressor until the very end and would not have been screaming? So when the State finally did put together a theory, it was one that was NOT FAVORABLE to Trayvon Martin. When BDLR and Angela Corey were interviewed after the trial, BDLR says he believed Zimmerman had his gun out because he was intent on preventing Martin from “escaping thru the back gate.” Isn’t that interesting? The State DID have a theory of what happened. So if BDLR believes Zimmerman had his gun out early then wouldn’t Martin have seen it before Zimmerman pulled the trigger? If that’s the case, why did John Guy present a theory that was opposite of what BDLR believed?

In light of this information do you believe the State did all they could to convict George Zimmerman? I wonder if the Martin family secretly feels betrayed by the State Prosecutors. I feel betrayed and Martin was not my son.


In preparation for the trial of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin, the State of Florida retained two voice experts (Tom Owens and Ed Primeau) to review the 911 calls made by neighbors on the night Trayvon Martin was murdered. An important part of what happened on the fateful night of February 26, 2012 centers around the calls for help that can be heard on the 911 tapes. The source of the screams is important because if Trayvon Martin was screaming for his life then he was not attacking George Zimmerman and he was murdered in cold blood. George Zimmerman would have been an eyewitness and an ear witness to Trayvon Martin’s screams for helps and as someone who chose to murder the screaming teen it would be crucial that Zimmerman claim the screams were his from the very beginning. Zimmerman was not aware at the time he was taken into police custody that the screams were caught on tape but he was aware that someone must have heard the screams. It is not important if George Zimmerman’s voice can be heard on the tape because George Zimmerman is alive. If Zimmerman yelled out in some fashion then we can assume that it caused Martin to stop doing anything he was doing to have caused Zimmerman to scream out. However, if Martin’s voice can be heard screaming on tape then it is clear that Zimmerman did not stop what he was doing to cause the screams and he murdered the teen anyway.


It is indisputable that Martin’s voice can be heard screaming on that tape and that is indisputable because I trust the knowledge and expertise of voice analysis experts who have the equipment and training to decipher such matters. Although the science is not exact, I will not discredit their findings just because Judge Nelson did not allow their testimony to be used in court. The strength of the their testimony lies not in just the equipment they used but ear witnesses who at the time determined the screams for help were that of a young person’s voice and therefore they corroborate the findings of the voice experts. Those witnesses are Selma Mora, Mary Kutcher and Jane Surdyka. Not a single witness that night said they believed the cries were coming from a grown man. The witnesses who remarked on the sound of the voice said they appeared to come from a younger person and we all know Martin was a teenager. We are also well aware of the fact that the screams stopped the moment the shot was fired. All of the above statements lead me to believe that it was Martin screaming for help, but there is more.


In addition to the testimony of other ear witnesses is the fact that Martin’s clothing suggests to me that he was the one was struggling in the grass with a heavier person on top of him. Photos taken of Martin show him covered in grass, Even the picture of one of his hands reveals that there are grass stains there. We all know that Martin died in the grass and resuscitation efforts were carried out there but the amount of grass and stains on his clothes both back and front are inconsistent with someone who was only in the grass being revived. The amount of grass and staining on Martin’s clothes suggests that he was the one being held down in grass, not Zimmerman, whose clothes are grass and mud free. At minimum, both of them should have the same amount of stains and grass on their clothing but it is not possible that Martin had much more staining on his clothes than did Zimmerman when it was Zimmerman who claimed to have fought for his life in the grass. All of the above evidence indicates to me that it was Martin screaming for help, but still there is more.

I have written two previous blogs about this case and it is my belief that the evidence supports the fact that it was Zimmerman who was in a dominant position over Martin for most of their encounter and if indeed it was Martin screaming HE HAD TO BE IN A SUBMISSIVE POSITION FOR MOST OF THE ENCOUNTER. The Prosecution’s theory is that it was Martin screaming and yet they placed him on top of Zimmerman again and again during their demonstrations. How is it possible that Martin was both attacking Zimmerman in self-defense and screaming at the same time? That is the picture that the Prosecution painted for the jury and they had no choice but to reject the Prosecution’s theory and go against their own common sense and conclude it was Zimmerman screaming although he had no dirt on his clothing and he had a gun.

This brings me to the purpose of this current blog. I have attached a video to this blog and the video is of George Zimmerman explaining to police what happened in the moments before he shot Martin. This video, in addition to the expert testimony, witness testimony and physical evidence regarding Martin and Zimmerman’s clothes, will prove to you that it was George Zimmerman on top of Trayvon Martin during the altercation and he was also on top when the shot was fired. One glaring problem with Zimmerman’s version of events is that he is standing in the position of the attacker in the encounter. From 8:21 on, George Zimmerman assumes his position as the aggressor in the attack. Why do I say this? From 8:21 on, Zimmerman stood in the grass facing the sidewalk which would have been Trayvon Martin’s viewpoint and not George Zimmerman’s. If he were recounting the incident as it happened from his point of view he would have stood on the sidewalk and faced the grass. At that point, all of his hand movements would have been as someone in the defensive position. Instead, Zimmerman moves his hands and arms as they would have moved when he was on top. The hand movements that Zimmerman is describing are ones that he would describe only when asked, yet he volunteers to show detectives what he claims Martin was doing with his hands. And keep in mind, George Zimmerman never told police or anyone else what he was doing with HIS OWN HANDS at any time during the encounter until he described reaching for his gun. Isn’t it interesting that Zimmerman was supposedly being attacked but he had no idea what he was doing with his own hands during the attack? Again, these are not the movements of someone who was the victim; these are the arm movements of someone who was the aggressor. One indication that George Zimmerman was the aggressor is what happens at 9:15 where Zimmerman slips up and says he put his hand over Martin’s mouth. He then corrected himself and said Martin put his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth. That is not a mistake a VICTIM would make and once again he is standing in the position of and making the hand movements of the aggressor when he descibes putting his hand over Martin’s mouth.

Now I’ll put the final nail in this murderer’s coffin but before I do, let’s clear up something first. Let’s establish that George Zimmerman never explained to detectives how he came to be 30-35 feet down that sidewalk. At this point it is indisputable that until this day Zimmerman has never explained exactly how he went from the T to the location of the body because in the reenactment he stops well short of where the body was actually found. We can clearly see in this video that Zimmerman has Martin approaching him from the South and punching Zimmerman in the face which should make Zimmerman fall backwards towards the North, yet he describes going forward after being hit. The only reason you go forward after being hit is if the person hits you and runs or if they hit you and you go on the OFFENSIVE and move towards them as they move back in a defensive pose. Zimmerman’s initial claim of Martin hitting him in the face and then falling on his back at the T is a lie and that is plainly obvious during this walk thru, but I digress.

Let’s assume that Zimmerman didn’t know exactly where the body landed since it was dark at the time of the murder. Let’s assume that he didn’t go all the way down the sidewalk where the body was actually found because at 8:21 in the video where he stands to describe the assault, he wasn’t sure of where the body was located. Now that we have established that, fast forward the video to 9:41. This is the point in the video where Zimmerman clearly remembers that John Good came to his door and yelled something loud enough for Zimmerman and Martin to hear and then Good went back inside. I want you to notice where Zimmerman is pointing when he describes the location from where he heard the screams. Zimmerman is standing there and recounting and remembering events exactly as he experienced them that night and in that moment he remembers that John Good came from his home to Zimmerman’s right side. If Zimmerman was lying on his back wouldn’t Good have screamed from his home to Zimmerman’s left side? How did Zimmerman know exactly where the voice of John Good came from when he wasn’t even standing in the position as the victim? It is a fact that Zimmerman had no explanation for how he came to be that far down the sidewalk but the ONLY REASON that Zimmerman motioned with his right hand to describe where the voice came from is because the sound did indeed come from his right side because he was on top of Martin when John Good looked outside. If Zimmerman had been on the bottom when Good came outside then the sound Zimmerman heard would have come from his left and since he was recounting the incident as it happened, he would have then thought to go to the sidewalk and stand facing the grass and point to his left. That would have been his perspective of where he heard John Good’s voice. Yet, Zimmerman saw no need to change positions with detectives and describe the sound as coming from his left because he was already standing in the position of the aggressor and the sound of Good’s voice did indeed come from his right side.

So from beginning to end, Zimmerman assumes the position of the aggressor and his own words and language make it clear that he was on top of Martin at crucial moments during the encounter. Zimmerman’s hand motion at 9:41 of this video is yet another indication that it was Trayvon Martin screaming for his life as he was being held down by his murderer. It is interesting that Zimmerman’s friend, John Good, is the only witness that ever placed Martin on top of Zimmerman although voice analysis, physical evidence and the totality of the witness statements explain exactly why Trayvon Martin was heard screaming for his life. If only the Prosecution had given even minimal time and attention to this case people like me would not have to sort it out for you after the fact.



UPDATE!!! Before reading any further please listen carefully to this witness’ testimony to Anderson Cooper. This is Jane Surdyka who at first did not want to be identified. Cooper did a better job with this witness than did the state Prosecutors! This lady makes it clear that she was watching when the shot was fired and just like Manalo and Mora, she never saw a position change. She saw the murder.

In my previous post I listed the reasons why I believe George Zimmerman got away murder and a lot of it had to do with the failures and oversight of the prosecutors that were responsible for convicting George Zimmerman. It is difficult for me to believe that lawyers that reached their level of profession were so blatantly clueless. The more I dig into this case the more it becomes clear that their inept handling of this case cannot be an accident.

I previously mentioned that four witnesses placed George Zimmerman on top of Trayvon Martin when the shot was fired. Why is this significant? It is significant because George Zimmerman’s story is that Trayvon Martin was on top of him when the shot was fired. George Zimmerman, who claimed to be in a weakened state and in a weak position, only fired the shot in self-defense he said. Would the entire dynamic of Zimmerman’s self-defense claim change into Murder 2 or possibly even Murder 1 if it could be proven that Zimmerman was on top when he killed Martin?  Of course!

Enter state’s witness, Jane Surdyka. Jane Surdyka watched the entire event from her bedroom on February 26, 2012. At no time did she see an encounter that started at the T. At no time did she hear Zimmerman running or walking past her window talking to the NEN dispatch and reporting a fleeing Martin. At no time did she hear Zimmerman standing in the same spot and talking on the phone at the T after he supposedly ran by looking for an address, but I digress. The most important part of her testimony is that she was looking outside when the shot was fired and she noticed that the person on top when the shot was fired got up and walked away. She never saw the two men change positions. What is so sickening about her testimony is that it is not Bernie De La Rionda who got this woman to say she saw Zimmerman shoot Martin; it was Don West who got it out of her. She was the State’s witness and Bernie De La Rionda spent 15 minutes getting her to describe how she let her window up and what she saw Zimmerman do after the shot was fired but he totally glossed over the fact that she was looking outside when the shot was fired and she placed the survivor on top during the shooting. The only person that could have been on top according to her story as well as Selene Bahadoor, Selma Mora and Jeanee Manalo was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. They could clearly see that the person on top was the only one who moved after the shot was fired. Again, none of those witnesses saw a position change and that is impossible if Martin was on top of Zimmerman when the shot was fired. That is impossible if Martin got so far away from the sidewalk because he stood up and backed away as Zimmerman claimed. So how did Martin’s body come to be in the grass and not near the sidewalk of death where he was supposedly bashing Zimmerman’s head? His body got there because in the grass is where Martin was shot as he screamed for his life. Jane Surdyka witnessed a murder. Watch Jane Surdyka’s testimony on the YouTube link below and pay close attention to Don West’s cross examination. He is very well aware that this witness saw a murder while BDLR appeared to be clueless.

Why the State of Florida Failed to Convict George Zimmerman

By now, the shock of the verdict in the trial of Trayvon Martin has settled into the hearts and minds of all interested parties. I was not entirely shocked by the verdict, not because I believed there was not enough evidence, but because the State of Florida failed to use the evidence they had at their disposal to the lead the jurors and the rest of America to one simple conclusion, George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. This blog will discuss some of the mishaps made by the prosecution and explain why Zimmerman ultimately got away with murder. All of these are number one on my list:

  1. The State failed to advise the jury of the biggest indicator of Zimmerman’s guilt, his immediate and thorough attempt to distance himself from his own recorded voice and in effect, lie on himself. It seems that almost immediately George Zimmerman decided that his only chance of getting away with murder was to deny, obfuscate, misrepresent and downright lie about what we heard him say on that NEN call. For instance, Zimmerman clearly has Martin running from near the clubhouse/mailboxes on the NEN call, yet he later changes his story and has Martin running from near the T. Rachel Jeantel confirmed Zimmerman’s NEN version of events and she said Martin told her he was at the mailing area when he started running. In the first map Zimmerman drew for Detective Singleton he again places Martin’s running location near the mailboxes and as his story evolved, he scratched out the original location and moved it closer to where the body was found. Why would Zimmerman distance himself from where he actually started chasing Martin? Because it would prove that he had encountered Martin solely because he followed him from quite a distance and when Martin stopped running because he believed he had lost Zimmerman, Zimmerman caught up to him. Another example of him distancing himself from his own recorded voice is where he clearly represents to the NEN caller that Martin is armed. More than once he mentions that Martin either has something in his hand or is reaching for his waistband. Why would that be a noteworthy comment to mention to a NEN operator except for that he presumed Martin to be armed? Once he is confronted with the clear indication that he believed Martin to be armed, he changed his story and said he did not think Martin was armed. Why did he change his story? Because if he believed Martin to be armed and went after him anyway then Zimmerman was conscious of the fact that he carried a gun on his hip. He later claimed that he was surprised to learn that he even had his gun, he only remembered he had it once he was flat on his back and about to lose consciousness. Obviously he knew that story would not make sense if he believed Martin to be armed from the very start. If he believed Martin to be armed then his own gun on his hip would be the first thing he thought about. It is clear that he believed Martin to be armed, how many burglars are unarmed? He even admitted he was on top of Martin after Martin died because he believed Martin had some type of weapon. Indeed, his bloody finger print was found on Martin’s waistband because he frisked Martin for a weapon once Martin was dead in the grass. Zimmerman claimed to have a poor memory yet he was allowed to convince the jury that his recollection hours, even days after the incident, were more accurate than what he said in real time as events unfolded. And let’s not even discuss his admission that he followed Martin by answering “yes” when asked on the NEN call. He later changed that as well and said the heavy breathing we heard was not him following or chasing Martin but that he only exited his car to retrieve an address and on Hannity he changed “he’s running” to “he skipped or walked away quickly.” The State failed miserably by not reminding the jury that Zimmerman’s biggest lies were the ones he told on his own recorded voice.


  1. The State failed to properly impeach the Defense witnesses. The biggest example of this was the State’s failure to totally devalue the utterly useless testimony of John Good. Instead, they called him to the stand, pretended he was their witness when he was a clearly a Defense witness, and they allowed his false narrative to be the basis for the Defense’s entire argument. John Good said he only saw 10 seconds of what both sides say was a 1 minute and 20 second encounter (although I think 44 seconds is the actual length of the encounter) and therefore what John Good saw was basically, nothing. We know he saw nothing because he admitted he heard no punches being thrown and just like all of the other witnesses; he did not see a fight. And just like all of the other witnesses, he did not hear a fight. The only thing we can conclude by taking all of the witnesses testimony at face value is THERE WAS NEVER A FIGHT. The lack of Zimmerman’s DNA on Martin proves there never was a fight. There was a struggle, but there was no fight. John Good says he saw the two move to the sidewalk and then he went back inside. The most important part of this story is what caused Zimmerman to shoot Martin. Zimmerman says he shot Martin because Martin was bashing his head on concrete and then inexplicably, Martin decided to reach for an invisible gun. The evidence presented clearly shows that Martin died WHOLLY in the grass. No part of his body was touching the sidewalk. In fact, he was facing away from the sidewalk entirely. That means that what John Good claims he saw does not match up with the final location of the body therefore John Good saw NOTHING. John Good might as well have seen Zimmerman following Martin in his truck, that is how useful Good’s testimony was but the State allowed the Defense to mention him over and over as if he was an important witness when he was not.


  1. The State failed to connect the dots and take advantage of a gold mine placed into their laps by their own eyewitnesses. Selene Bahadoor, Jane Surdyka, Selma Mora and Jeanee Manalo all place Zimmerman on top of Martin when the shot was fired. It is not possible that these four women saw the exact same thing unless what they saw was noteworthy. None of them ever saw Martin move and none of them ever saw the two change positions. If John Good’s testimony was the end all be all of this mystery and matched Zimmerman’s story, then at least one of those women should have seen one simple thing: they should have seen Zimmerman get up off the ground. I can understand that maybe they didn’t look out in time to see Martin rise up and put his hands up and fall down (never happened actually) but I cannot accept that they also didn’t see Zimmerman get up and claim the dominant position over Martin. All of those women confirmed that upon immediately looking outside Zimmerman was already on top and the other person never moved a single inch again. What those women witnessed was the execution style murder of Trayvon Martin as he screamed for his life and the State prosecutors were too inept to understand the importance of what those women saw.


  1. Failure of the State to understand the physical evidence photos that prove Zimmerman is a liar. The bloody nose photo alone should have sent George Zimmerman to prison. There is no way that Trayvon Martin caused that injury and beat up George Zimmerman without getting that blood all over his hands, shirt and sleeves. To overcome this common sense view of the blood evidence the Defense tried to explain it away by at first saying bigoted bacteria ate Zimmerman’s blood off of Martin’s clothes to help the black teen and then they said the blood didn’t flow out until Zimmerman stood up. They said it had went down Zimmerman’s nose and into his throat as he lay on the ground and that’s what explains the lack of blood on Martin. For as long as I live I will not understand why the Florida prosecutors didn’t look at that photo and notice that Zimmerman’s bleeding was caused by an external wound, not an internal nose bleed. At the tip of Zimmerman’s nose were three small pin prick-like abrasions that were the source of his bleeding. Those abrasions were external, so they could only bleed EXTERNALLY. It is clear from the photo that no blood ever came from Zimmerman’s nostrils so it is not possible that blood flowed down his throat as he lay on his back. That wound bled instantly and the only reason Martin doesn’t have that blood all over him is because that blood did show up until after Martin was dead. The cause of that injury on Zimmerman’s face was from a gun recoil. Whatever your theory, what we know for sure is that Martin didn’t cause that injury and then continuously beat up Zimmerman. The blood and DNA evidence says that’s impossible. Why couldn’t the State just look closely at the photograph?