UPDATE!!! Before reading any further please listen carefully to this witness’ testimony to Anderson Cooper. This is Jane Surdyka who at first did not want to be identified. Cooper did a better job with this witness than did the state Prosecutors! This lady makes it clear that she was watching when the shot was fired and just like Manalo and Mora, she never saw a position change. She saw the murder.

In my previous post I listed the reasons why I believe George Zimmerman got away murder and a lot of it had to do with the failures and oversight of the prosecutors that were responsible for convicting George Zimmerman. It is difficult for me to believe that lawyers that reached their level of profession were so blatantly clueless. The more I dig into this case the more it becomes clear that their inept handling of this case cannot be an accident.

I previously mentioned that four witnesses placed George Zimmerman on top of Trayvon Martin when the shot was fired. Why is this significant? It is significant because George Zimmerman’s story is that Trayvon Martin was on top of him when the shot was fired. George Zimmerman, who claimed to be in a weakened state and in a weak position, only fired the shot in self-defense he said. Would the entire dynamic of Zimmerman’s self-defense claim change into Murder 2 or possibly even Murder 1 if it could be proven that Zimmerman was on top when he killed Martin?  Of course!

Enter state’s witness, Jane Surdyka. Jane Surdyka watched the entire event from her bedroom on February 26, 2012. At no time did she see an encounter that started at the T. At no time did she hear Zimmerman running or walking past her window talking to the NEN dispatch and reporting a fleeing Martin. At no time did she hear Zimmerman standing in the same spot and talking on the phone at the T after he supposedly ran by looking for an address, but I digress. The most important part of her testimony is that she was looking outside when the shot was fired and she noticed that the person on top when the shot was fired got up and walked away. She never saw the two men change positions. What is so sickening about her testimony is that it is not Bernie De La Rionda who got this woman to say she saw Zimmerman shoot Martin; it was Don West who got it out of her. She was the State’s witness and Bernie De La Rionda spent 15 minutes getting her to describe how she let her window up and what she saw Zimmerman do after the shot was fired but he totally glossed over the fact that she was looking outside when the shot was fired and she placed the survivor on top during the shooting. The only person that could have been on top according to her story as well as Selene Bahadoor, Selma Mora and Jeanee Manalo was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. They could clearly see that the person on top was the only one who moved after the shot was fired. Again, none of those witnesses saw a position change and that is impossible if Martin was on top of Zimmerman when the shot was fired. That is impossible if Martin got so far away from the sidewalk because he stood up and backed away as Zimmerman claimed. So how did Martin’s body come to be in the grass and not near the sidewalk of death where he was supposedly bashing Zimmerman’s head? His body got there because in the grass is where Martin was shot as he screamed for his life. Jane Surdyka witnessed a murder. Watch Jane Surdyka’s testimony on the YouTube link below and pay close attention to Don West’s cross examination. He is very well aware that this witness saw a murder while BDLR appeared to be clueless.




  2. I believe what Mrs. Surdyka said on that witness stand. Her story makes more sense than George’s story. But the jury did not want George to go to prison for killing a black teen. If it had been a white teen he would have went to prison. George is a racist no good murderer. Now he want to try to be a hero by trying to save some one from a minor car accident. But as I read the story about George so called help and rescue. Did anyone know that there was another man involved in helping out in that rescue but his name was not mentioned in the news with his perticipation in helping out in that rescue. Is it because George is trying to clear his name by staging the incident. If he can stage and plan out the murder of a teenage kid then he is capable of staging anything.

    • MINOR ACCIDENT! It was a roll over on the interstate!
      And yes, the other man was identified, and the media was straightforward about it. However, they focused on the fact that GZ was involved to keep it pertinent.
      And as for her testimony, she says she closed the window because it was raining buckets. Yet she heard the sounds of an argument thru all of that, went back to reading for several minutes, then went to look when she heard them again. Despite it being night, and pouring rain, and not actually being watching them when she heard the “pops”, she identifies the one who fired the shots as the one on top. Duh, if someone is on top of you pummeling you and you shoot them, they fall onto you, and you have to push them off or roll over to get them off of you, so you end up on top. GZ had the grass stains on his shirt, and the injuries. TM only had lightly bruised knuckles, aside from the obvious gunshot wounds.

      • She said on her 911 call that she saw them wrestling. So from the very beginning it is clear that regardless of the weather conditions, she in fact did see the same thing others described. She said in her interview with police that she did see someone get up and described him as the larger person who got up. Her story was consistent. As far as how well the woman could hear, on the 911 tape you heard her tell the dispatcher that she heard Zimmerman say he shot Martin and she heard someone say Martin was dead. Again, she was watching and listening from her windown and everything she saw and heard is what transpired. At the scene Zimmerman did say “I shot him.” The woman could hear and see very well. You are a victim of a failed Prosecutor who could have played that womans tape back and cleared up everything Don West tried to cover up. BDLR seemed to have no clue how important this witness was. Don West banked on people being too stupid to think on their own and clearly it worked. You have access to her 911 tape where she clearly says from the very beginning that she saw two people wrestling and heard screaming. She was saying this in real time, without interference from anyone else and what she said was spot on. The weather conditions line was a smoke screen. I am amazed at how many people were so blinded by lust for Zimmerman that they didn’t even believe things they heard with their own ears like this woman’s 911 call or “He’s running” and “Yes” (I’m following him.) This blog is not meant for people who argue against facts.

      • For all seekers of truth listen to Jane Surdyka’s original interview with Serino hear:
        She right away described the man on top as a larger man when she saw him closer she said it was a large Hispanic man. She said she was looking out the window when the shot was fired. This lady saw a murder and it seems I’m one of the first people to realize it.

      • Clearly you are looking for a fight. Accusing a dead kid of making lean is only said to upset people who are sympathetic to the Martin family and is not based on any facts in evidence. If racist would lose interest in this case there would be peace because they are the only ones causing discord. This is my blog and I’ve not attacked anyone here racially yet this troll comes in and says they are being attacked racially while attacking and smearing the name of a dead kid. Actually, people are attack you because you are immoral. Only an immoral person would continue to try to smear the name of someone who is already deceased. What is the reason for this? Because his killer knows he was stupid to kill a child so the only way to try to justify this is to smear the person whose life he took. That does not fly with decent Americans. No decent American can both see the value of mentoring black kids and also agree than an adult should follow them and kill them for being in abject fear.

      • No, not looking for a fight. However, if you wish to remain unbalanced and delete posts presenting factual evidence that does not support your narrow view of the events that occurred that night, then so be it. Be well, in your tiny little narrow sliver of reality. Enjoy your blog and continue spreading falsehoods and half truths to keep the racial divide going. This was not about race. Hide the facts that don’t support you. Delete this post. It doesn’t matter. Truth is truth.

      • This is a propaganda free zone. I only entertain intelligent discussion. You don’t have to agree with all of my views but what you won’t do is devolve my blog into a hate a dead kid a-thon. Slandering the dead is in poor taste and if any of Zimmerman’s supporters believed wholeheartedly in his innocence by law, then the slandering of Martin would not be necessary.

  3. Her testimony coincides with what the other 3 women saw and that is, the person who survived the encounter was also the person on top when the shot was fired. The bottom line is that no one saw TM move after that shot was fired so he never put his hands up and backed away from Zimmerman as Zimmerman said in one of his stories. He shot TM and flipped him over. Thats why Mora saw Martin’s leg move while Zimmerman was over him. Zimmerman knew he was seen standing over the top of Martin so he said the reason why was because he immediately jumped on Martin to restrain him. The State kept saying he was lying about stretching Martin’s hands out but they never say WHY he made up that lie. I kept waiting for them to explain the relevance of why Zimmerman would lie about stretching out Martin’s hands but they never did! He made up that lie to explain why he was over Martin’s body for so long. He was over Martin’s body because for one he was in a dominant position when the shot went off in the first place and secondly because he manipulated Martin’s body before walking away by searching Martin for a weapon. He couldn’t admit that he had searched Martin for a weapon so he said he stretched his arms out. He had to say he was doing something “innocent” because why else would he be stooping over a dead body? We know he was not rendering aid! When he searched Martin he left a bloody print on Martin’s waistband. The blood on Zimmerman’s face was from the gun recoil and therefore, Zimmerman bled only after Martin was dead. The gun hit Zimmerman in the face (splattering blood even on to his back which would have been impossible if he was lying on his back when he pulled the trigger) and it left splatter like marks all over the front of Zimmerman’s shirt. Zimmerman touched his face to see if it bled (you can see the smear from where he touched the blood in the photos) and that blood was transferred to the waistband of Martin’s shorts. That is the only way a fresh fingerprint full of blood could get into Martin’s shorts.

    • The first thing I thought of when I saw Zimmerman’s nose was that it was caused by a recoil/kickback from when he fired the shot. The fact that there was blood on the butt of the gun, George’s own blood, reinforced my belief. I too thought it made more sense that George was the one who was actually on top at the time of the shot and that Trayvon was the one screaming and begging for his life. The way the screams ended simultaneously with the shot makes it quite obvious, especially since Zimmerman claimed that he thought he missed. If he was REALLY in fear, he would have unloaded or fired a second time if he wasn’t sure he hit Trayvon.

      I was literally shaking my head when the prosecution all but conceded that Trayvon punched Zimmerman in the nose and that at some point Trayvon was on top moving backwards away from Zimmerman when the shot was fired. The prosecution was just throwing stuff on the wall to see what stuck instead of presenting a clear, concise narrative to negate the defense’s assertions. A tiny cut on the left ring finger is in no way consistent with all those blows or any of the blows in my unprofessional opinion. Pay me $400/hr with all travel, food lodging, and an expense account and I too will look at some pictures and give my opinions like Dr. Dimaio did. My CV just won’t be quite as impressive.

      As for the witnesses, I believe Surdyka’s testimony was pretty much given the cold shoulder when she said there were 3 shots and that possibility that she may have come across as being a little scatter brained. She said she is a teacher but she didn’t seem to be as sharp as one might expect. Just my opinion. Everyone knows there was only 1 shot but she was adamant that she heard 3. I did find her to be very credible when she stated that as a school teacher she had heard many youths in Tryvon’s age range yelling before and to her it sounded like a young boy screaming.

      For the life of me I honestly don’t see why John Good’s testimony was given so much credence or why he is considered to be the star witness for the defense, called by the prosecution. He only saw a few seconds in the dark then when he was on his way upstairs and waiting for 911 to connect ,the shot was fired. I suppose because he was an MMA watcher, his big contribution was getting the term ground and pound on the record–even though he said he only saw arm movement and never saw any actual punching and never heard any of them connect.

      Another compelling witness to me, besides Rachel Jeantel of course, was Selma Mora. She described George’s clothing and physique as being the person on top. She too, like Surdyka, said the figure later known to be George Zimmerman was the person on top and was the person who got up immediately after the shot. I believe the language barrier made her testimony less compelling to any non Spanish speaking jurors even though it was translated.

      Rachel, was only an ear witness but not only did her testimony make perfect sense (minus a little attitude and mumbling at times) but her story matched up perfectly with the timeline. In fact, if you listen really closely to the Lauer 911 call (do your best to tune out the talking and focus on the screaming) the first clear scream is not help, it sounds to me like “get off”. This is exactly what Rachel said she heard and is exactly at the time it should have been before Trayvon’s call disconnected. Some of the yells are help, some are help me, one is just a shrill “yelp” but the first clear one that I hear at the very beginning of the recording–I heard get off.

      It really is a shame that judge Nelson disallowed forensic audio expert testimony from Tom Owens or Alan Reich. If the prosecution had received a favorable ruling in the Frye hearing, they were to testify that there was 99.9% certainty that the screaming was NOT George. The problem was there was only 2.53 seconds of clean audio without the dispatcher and Lauer talking over it. Sigh.

      One more thing I would like to mention is what happened right after the shot. The police were there within about a minute yet a neighbor, Jonathan Manalo who supposedly had never met Zimmerman, grabbed a flashlight then ran out and took close up photos of his injuries and a far away photo of Trayvon. All within that minute. Is this not suspicious to anybody else? Is it reasonable to believe that someone who had just heard a gunshot, not knowing if there would be more or the status of the situation–would immediately run out and go up to a perfect stranger and start taking close up photos of his nose and the back of his head? This same person is the one who got Zimmerman’s phone and called his wife. My spidey senses are telling me that this may have been discussed or planned in advance between Zimmerman and Manalo in the event that he ever shot a “f-ng punk” who ever tried to get away.

      • exactly. it was a planned murder, they wanted to get away with killing a black kid, and they have, so far. but god has a way……….

  4. I believe hold hearty that George Zimmerman murder Trayvon Martin.not out of self -defense,but to play the hero. because he wanted the those neighors to except him and look up on him as the hero, something is wrong with him mentally.that’s why juor B-37. said George is nice he goes out his way to help you, and she also stated he has a good heart.. you can look at him and tell he’s not a scarey but aggressive not scarey,and because now that he feel he got away with murder it’s just a matter of time before he does something else.or worse kill someone else.Because he is Mentally ILL.

  5. The jurors knew there was one shot, clearly she heard an echo, any headway West got with this witness could have been cleaned by BDLR but he didn’t re-direct. That lady saw Zimmerman commit murder and the State didn’t try to make her their star.witness because they were too clueless to figure out the importance of.what she saw. While Mora, Bahadoor and Manalo looked out upon hearing the shot and saw him on top, Surdyka was already looking outside when the shot.went off. So.what that proves is that various intervals 4 different people saw Zimmerman on Martin BEFORE, during and after the shot was fired. Obviously that makes the most sense because its indisputable at this point that Martin was screaming. His screaming only makes sense if he’s on the bottom and thats why Zimmerman placed himself on the bottom. Remember, Zimmerman’s clothes were mud and grass free but Martin was covered in grass. If Zimmerman’s story was true both should be covered in grass. As I said, Surdyka witnessed the murder.

  6. In regards to Manalo, their meeting up was very fishy but the whole town is full of idiots so who knows. BDLR should have asked Manalo if he knew Martin was dead when he took the pic and where was Zimmerman when the photo was snapped. Manalo only took the photo because he knew Martin was dead so how did Zimmerman get to the police station and pretend he didn’t know Martin was dead? So many doors the State could have gone in but they refused.

    • Trust me, you’re preaching to the choir. There was a solid case to be made but the state never made it. They did what first year law students are told never to do, never ask questions you don’t know already know the answers to and never leave the jury feeling like they have to fill in any blanks. The defense told the jurors a story. It was 100% BS, but it was still a story. The state did not, they made a few points but it all got glossed over and became a hard to follow mess.

      Something else that really bugs me is the way Trayvon’s body was positioned face down, especially his legs in the Manalo photo. GZ said during his “interrogation” with Singleton & Serino that he flipped Martin over. This I do believe. This means that Trayvon had to have been on his back because the photo showed him face down before the police arrived. I don’t believe this was even challenged by the state? Additionally, Trayvons feet are pointed toward each other with his toes pointed directly across from each other and his ankles on the ground. If you go back and look closely, there is absolutely NO WAY his legs could be in that position while he was alive unless he was a double jointed contortionist. There is also no way Zimmerman would have crawled out from under him after the shot and him wind up like that.

      The only way he could have wound up like that is that when he was flipped by Zimmerman, one of his legs stayed in place while the other twisted around since his body would have been limp without any muscle resistance when he went from being on his back to being on his stomach. I know I’ve probably lost you, I can visualize what I am trying to say better than I can explain it. The officer who arrived at the scene and tried to administer CPR actually flipped him again, back to being on his back.

      At first I thought since self defense is an “affirmative defense” that puts a burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt on the defense, the state’s strategy might have been to point out all the reasonable doubts. They didn’t even do that very well, let alone tell their own narrative that proved their own burden of spite, ill will and hatred. They dropped the ball on everything, and it appears to have been by design. Trayvon and the Martin family deserved much better than what they got.

  7. I can’t bare to look at the pics of his body too closely so I’ll take your word for it. Its pretty clear that Martin died instantly, I say within a couple of seconds yet the stupid medical examiner said he could have been alive for 10 minutes. Clearly Martin was dead by the time Manalo snapped that photo and I’m assuming that was within a minute and he was without a pulse when the first officer arrived which was within two minutes. So how could the ME have him living for up to 10 minutes when he was pulseless within 2 minutes? By saying Martin could have lived.that long just gave credence to the notion that Martin “could have”” moved or spoke before he died. What good is a ME if he cant even pin the time of death down to a few minutes when people saw the boy dead within a few minutes? Actually John Good apparently knew Martin was dead instantly, I believe he said Martin was dead on his NEN call so its amazing that the ME could say Martin lived for 10 minutes. The State did a horrible job preparing their witnesses. I just watched an interview BDLR and Corey didn’t after the trial. They were asked why they never put.together a theory of what happened. They said it wasn’t proper to speculate in front of the jury then BDLR went on to say he thinks Zimmerman had his.gun out early and went after TM. Two things 1. It’s their case so how can they bring someone to trial then fail to tell the jury why they are there and 2. If BDLR believes Zimmerman had the gun out early then why the hell did John Guy say Martin never saw the gun?

    They also insisted that Martin had injured Zimmerman and then went on to say the DNA evidence does not support TM hurting Zimmerman. *scratches head* It’s clear to me that the State lost this case because they failed to understand that Zimmerman held down a weaker Martin and murdered him. They can’t believe that Martin was both fighting and screaming. I think the state believed that Martin caused his own death and I think they bought the Defense’s narrative hook, line and sinker or they never would have put on a witness to say Martin hit Zimmerman. The State did not believe in.their own case and they did not understand what the evidence was telling them and that is why Zimmerman is free.

  8. I’m so sick and tired of hearing people say that Martin attacked Zimmerman, when in fact and in truth Martin defended himself from the very man that falsely accused him of being suspicious and up to no good! Zimmerman knows exactly what happened that night and he would rather go to his grave living a lie than admit to what really happened that night! Martin died not ever knowing why Zimmerman was following him or who he was!

    Zimmerman know that he didn’t shoot Martin because he had to, but because he wanted to.

    Zimmerman told his former attorney, Craig Sonner, that Martin punched him in the nose and that he fell back and hit his head which explains the small lacerations to the back of his head! Ironically, after he got charged with murder he claimed and had his supporters believing that he sustained the bloody head from Martin slamming it into the concrete which was self serving to support his fake self defense claim!! The only reason that the prosecution didn’t call Craig Sonner as a witness is because of the attorney client privilege which precludes an attorney from testifying against a former client! If Sonner was allowed to testify about what Zimmerman told him,the jury would have convicted Zimmerman of murder,despite the fact that at least one juror felt that he got away with murder, which he actually did and that’s because of his lying lips!

    It’s ashame there’s gun advocates out there that will raise money to support a murderer when there’s homeless people and people without food to eat all around the country!

    • Primo, you are right. His first story was that Martin knocked him down with one punch and then got on top of him. I’m not sure when he added the part about getting his head bashed on concrete but that was a later add-on. Clearly he didn’t believe his head had been bashed on concrete the night of the murder because even one slam of the head wouuld have caused him to seek medical attention. What I know for sure is that whatever the cause of the blood on the tip of his nose, Martin didn’t do it! When the police took him back to the scene it was not so that he could describe what happened, it was so that he could come up with more ways to justify his actions. If they had taken him back to the scene because they wanted the truth, they would have played the NEN call as he walked and made him match up his story to that call, which would have been impossible. Instead, they took him back to better help him weave together his lies, including trying to explain how the body came to be 35 feet down that sidewalk if everything happened at the T. Notice they never did get him to explain exactly how he came to be down that sidewalk but instead they let him take a few steps and stop. If they wanted the truth they would have forced him to explain how Trayvon MADE HIM take 35 steps down that sidewalk. The fact is that the only way a grown man goes 35 feet down a sidewalk with a gun if he wants to be there.

  9. I agree with everything you two are saying. I also want to point out that Zimmerman said in his retell the day after that Manalo came out when he was on Martin’s body but Manalo said Zimmerman was up and walked towards him when he came out. I was also confused about them disregarding Sudyka’s testimony.

    • VS, til this day I have been waiting to hear from the person who supposedly came out and ZImmerman asked him to help restrain Martin. It amazes me that the Prosecution never mentioned that appears to be a huge lie. Zimmerman made up about 4 lies alone to explain why he was on Martin’s body when the shot was fired and the Prosecution never put two and two together and realized that Zimmerman did that because he knew someone must have seen him on top when he shot Martin. The Prosecution bought John Good’s lie hook, line and sinker because they based their entire theory around Good’s story. The Prosecution believed Martin was on top of Zimmerman until the moment the shot was fired even though the lack of grass on Zimmerman and 4 or 5 witnesses make it clear that Zimmerman was in full control when the shot was fired. How could the Prosecution have believed that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and Martin was screaming for help at the same time? That does not make any sense. So the Prosecution took for granted that Martin MUST HAVE been doing something wrong when he was shot and therefore the jury had no choice but to set Zimmerman free. They could clearly see the direction in which the Prosecution led them. In his final rebuttal, John Guy once again places Martin on top of Zimmerman (as they did over and over again with that mannequin) when the shot was fired and he said Martin never saw the gun. So not only did he place Martin on top a second before the shot was fired but he took the screams out of Martin’s mouth as well by saying he didn’t see the gun. Why would Tray have been screaming if he was free of Zimmerman’s grasp and he didn’t see the gun???!!!! I woke up the morning of the verdict in a cold sweat and I realized Zimmerman would be acquitted based upon John Guy’s rebuttal alone! As effed as it is, when you listen to juror B-37, she was relaying the message she picked up from the trial that was sent to her not by the Defense’s presentation of the case, BUT BY THE PROSECUTION!


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