In preparation for the trial of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin, the State of Florida retained two voice experts (Tom Owens and Ed Primeau) to review the 911 calls made by neighbors on the night Trayvon Martin was murdered. An important part of what happened on the fateful night of February 26, 2012 centers around the calls for help that can be heard on the 911 tapes. The source of the screams is important because if Trayvon Martin was screaming for his life then he was not attacking George Zimmerman and he was murdered in cold blood. George Zimmerman would have been an eyewitness and an ear witness to Trayvon Martin’s screams for helps and as someone who chose to murder the screaming teen it would be crucial that Zimmerman claim the screams were his from the very beginning. Zimmerman was not aware at the time he was taken into police custody that the screams were caught on tape but he was aware that someone must have heard the screams. It is not important if George Zimmerman’s voice can be heard on the tape because George Zimmerman is alive. If Zimmerman yelled out in some fashion then we can assume that it caused Martin to stop doing anything he was doing to have caused Zimmerman to scream out. However, if Martin’s voice can be heard screaming on tape then it is clear that Zimmerman did not stop what he was doing to cause the screams and he murdered the teen anyway.


It is indisputable that Martin’s voice can be heard screaming on that tape and that is indisputable because I trust the knowledge and expertise of voice analysis experts who have the equipment and training to decipher such matters. Although the science is not exact, I will not discredit their findings just because Judge Nelson did not allow their testimony to be used in court. The strength of the their testimony lies not in just the equipment they used but ear witnesses who at the time determined the screams for help were that of a young person’s voice and therefore they corroborate the findings of the voice experts. Those witnesses are Selma Mora, Mary Kutcher and Jane Surdyka. Not a single witness that night said they believed the cries were coming from a grown man. The witnesses who remarked on the sound of the voice said they appeared to come from a younger person and we all know Martin was a teenager. We are also well aware of the fact that the screams stopped the moment the shot was fired. All of the above statements lead me to believe that it was Martin screaming for help, but there is more.


In addition to the testimony of other ear witnesses is the fact that Martin’s clothing suggests to me that he was the one was struggling in the grass with a heavier person on top of him. Photos taken of Martin show him covered in grass, Even the picture of one of his hands reveals that there are grass stains there. We all know that Martin died in the grass and resuscitation efforts were carried out there but the amount of grass and stains on his clothes both back and front are inconsistent with someone who was only in the grass being revived. The amount of grass and staining on Martin’s clothes suggests that he was the one being held down in grass, not Zimmerman, whose clothes are grass and mud free. At minimum, both of them should have the same amount of stains and grass on their clothing but it is not possible that Martin had much more staining on his clothes than did Zimmerman when it was Zimmerman who claimed to have fought for his life in the grass. All of the above evidence indicates to me that it was Martin screaming for help, but still there is more.

I have written two previous blogs about this case and it is my belief that the evidence supports the fact that it was Zimmerman who was in a dominant position over Martin for most of their encounter and if indeed it was Martin screaming HE HAD TO BE IN A SUBMISSIVE POSITION FOR MOST OF THE ENCOUNTER. The Prosecution’s theory is that it was Martin screaming and yet they placed him on top of Zimmerman again and again during their demonstrations. How is it possible that Martin was both attacking Zimmerman in self-defense and screaming at the same time? That is the picture that the Prosecution painted for the jury and they had no choice but to reject the Prosecution’s theory and go against their own common sense and conclude it was Zimmerman screaming although he had no dirt on his clothing and he had a gun.

This brings me to the purpose of this current blog. I have attached a video to this blog and the video is of George Zimmerman explaining to police what happened in the moments before he shot Martin. This video, in addition to the expert testimony, witness testimony and physical evidence regarding Martin and Zimmerman’s clothes, will prove to you that it was George Zimmerman on top of Trayvon Martin during the altercation and he was also on top when the shot was fired. One glaring problem with Zimmerman’s version of events is that he is standing in the position of the attacker in the encounter. From 8:21 on, George Zimmerman assumes his position as the aggressor in the attack. Why do I say this? From 8:21 on, Zimmerman stood in the grass facing the sidewalk which would have been Trayvon Martin’s viewpoint and not George Zimmerman’s. If he were recounting the incident as it happened from his point of view he would have stood on the sidewalk and faced the grass. At that point, all of his hand movements would have been as someone in the defensive position. Instead, Zimmerman moves his hands and arms as they would have moved when he was on top. The hand movements that Zimmerman is describing are ones that he would describe only when asked, yet he volunteers to show detectives what he claims Martin was doing with his hands. And keep in mind, George Zimmerman never told police or anyone else what he was doing with HIS OWN HANDS at any time during the encounter until he described reaching for his gun. Isn’t it interesting that Zimmerman was supposedly being attacked but he had no idea what he was doing with his own hands during the attack? Again, these are not the movements of someone who was the victim; these are the arm movements of someone who was the aggressor. One indication that George Zimmerman was the aggressor is what happens at 9:15 where Zimmerman slips up and says he put his hand over Martin’s mouth. He then corrected himself and said Martin put his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth. That is not a mistake a VICTIM would make and once again he is standing in the position of and making the hand movements of the aggressor when he descibes putting his hand over Martin’s mouth.

Now I’ll put the final nail in this murderer’s coffin but before I do, let’s clear up something first. Let’s establish that George Zimmerman never explained to detectives how he came to be 30-35 feet down that sidewalk. At this point it is indisputable that until this day Zimmerman has never explained exactly how he went from the T to the location of the body because in the reenactment he stops well short of where the body was actually found. We can clearly see in this video that Zimmerman has Martin approaching him from the South and punching Zimmerman in the face which should make Zimmerman fall backwards towards the North, yet he describes going forward after being hit. The only reason you go forward after being hit is if the person hits you and runs or if they hit you and you go on the OFFENSIVE and move towards them as they move back in a defensive pose. Zimmerman’s initial claim of Martin hitting him in the face and then falling on his back at the T is a lie and that is plainly obvious during this walk thru, but I digress.

Let’s assume that Zimmerman didn’t know exactly where the body landed since it was dark at the time of the murder. Let’s assume that he didn’t go all the way down the sidewalk where the body was actually found because at 8:21 in the video where he stands to describe the assault, he wasn’t sure of where the body was located. Now that we have established that, fast forward the video to 9:41. This is the point in the video where Zimmerman clearly remembers that John Good came to his door and yelled something loud enough for Zimmerman and Martin to hear and then Good went back inside. I want you to notice where Zimmerman is pointing when he describes the location from where he heard the screams. Zimmerman is standing there and recounting and remembering events exactly as he experienced them that night and in that moment he remembers that John Good came from his home to Zimmerman’s right side. If Zimmerman was lying on his back wouldn’t Good have screamed from his home to Zimmerman’s left side? How did Zimmerman know exactly where the voice of John Good came from when he wasn’t even standing in the position as the victim? It is a fact that Zimmerman had no explanation for how he came to be that far down the sidewalk but the ONLY REASON that Zimmerman motioned with his right hand to describe where the voice came from is because the sound did indeed come from his right side because he was on top of Martin when John Good looked outside. If Zimmerman had been on the bottom when Good came outside then the sound Zimmerman heard would have come from his left and since he was recounting the incident as it happened, he would have then thought to go to the sidewalk and stand facing the grass and point to his left. That would have been his perspective of where he heard John Good’s voice. Yet, Zimmerman saw no need to change positions with detectives and describe the sound as coming from his left because he was already standing in the position of the aggressor and the sound of Good’s voice did indeed come from his right side.

So from beginning to end, Zimmerman assumes the position of the aggressor and his own words and language make it clear that he was on top of Martin at crucial moments during the encounter. Zimmerman’s hand motion at 9:41 of this video is yet another indication that it was Trayvon Martin screaming for his life as he was being held down by his murderer. It is interesting that Zimmerman’s friend, John Good, is the only witness that ever placed Martin on top of Zimmerman although voice analysis, physical evidence and the totality of the witness statements explain exactly why Trayvon Martin was heard screaming for his life. If only the Prosecution had given even minimal time and attention to this case people like me would not have to sort it out for you after the fact.



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