John Good. That is one name Zimmerman supporters regularly use to justify their decision to believe Zimmerman’s story. The truth is if the DOJ are serious about looking into charging Zimmerman with a hate crime then it will be another failed investigation if if they do not look into John Good and the police handling of this very strange witness.

Why is Good such a strange witness? Well, first of all, he is the only witness that was able to look into total darkness and see skin color. Not only was he the only one able to see skin but he could also make out two different types of colors of clothing in the dark. Yet they would ask him other questions and he would answer “it was too dark.” For instance, they asked if Martin had his hoodie over his head while he was on top of Zimmerman. Good said it was too dark. So then the next logical question is did you see the side of his face? Good does not remember. Did you see their hands? No. Did you see their mouths to determine who was screaming? No, it was too dark said Good. I’m still wondering why they never asked which part of Martin and Zimmerman’s skin he could see if he couldn’t see their faces, both were covered in clothes. The only thing he should have seen were hands per his story and yet he couldn’t see if they had anything in their hands nor did he describe what the person on the bottom was doing with his hands so that they were visible. His story is strange because he is the only witness who saw a struggle on the concrete. He is the only witness who described seeing a moving struggle with Martin on top the entire time. He is the only witness who allowed Detective Serino to help embellish his story and he originally claimed to have seen one person raining down blows on the other. His story is strange because he saw all of this within 10 seconds. He later changed his story to say he never saw an MMA style beating. Didn’t he know he didn’t see that the first time he was asked? Two witnesses saw him come to his door, say something briefly and then leave and they continued to watch longer than he did and yet they saw none of what he saw. According to all of the other witnesses there was no fight and the struggle took place in the grass the entire time. And then there is Jane Surdyka who watched it from the time they were on the ground initially until the time the shot was fired and she confirmed they were on the grass the entire time, as did Jeanee Manalo. How are witnesses who saw the encounter for more than 10 seconds less credible than Good? How could Good see well enough to see skin color but he didn’t notice they were never on the sidewalk? That doesn’t make sense. Why did Good describe something no one else saw and when did he come up with this story?

I went to and I looked up John Good’s original interview with police and it was very odd. Here is the link to the website Scroll to the middle of the page and listen to his audio file with Sanford Police Department dated February 26, 2012.

First, unlike the other interviews conducted Serino did not announce both the date and time at the beginning of the interview. I also noticed that Serino was very comfortable with Good as if they were very familiar with each other by the time the tape was started. I also find it odd that if they conducted this interview the night of the incident why did they do it outside in the rain? You can clearly tell it was conducted outside because the interview was interrupted by an airplane flying overhead. When CSI Diana Smith started snapping photos of the crime scene it was pouring rain in several of the pics. On that nasty night in February why was the interview conducted outside? Did Good really give his first statement the night of the murder? Can you really trust the SPD?

It is clear from Good’s 911 call that he was just discovering Martin’s race as he looked outside and saw Manalo flashing a light on the dead teen. It was at that time that he could also see clothing and the identity of the shooter. Did Good decide Martin was on top after he saw he was black? Isnt it possible that Good only made out clothes and skin with the benefit of light but he pretended he had noticed it after watching for 10 seconds in the dark? Why did no one ever ask Good how Martin and Zimmerman moved from the grass to the sidewalk? He said at least one person was screaming so they were an unwilling participant. How did the unwilling person move from the grass to the concrete? He says Martin remained on top even when they moved to the sidewalk HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Can you picture it? I can’t because it never happened. We know that the location of the body in grass and the fact that no one saw Martin move from the sidewalk to the grass after he was shot proves that Good lied about them ever being on the sidewalk. But how did Good know to tell a lie about them moving to the sidewalk? Could it have something to do with the mysterious outdoor in the rain interview with Serino? It’s clear that Good was at the window looking outside when he was talking to the 911 operaror. So when did Good start looking out of the window when he went inside? The shot had been fired and according to Good’s last view of the encounter the two were on the sidewalk. Did he see how they made it from the sidewalk back to the grass where Martin died and where Zimmerman was seen immediately over his body? I don’t believe Good only decided to look out the window once he was connected with 911 so what else did he see? There is no way Good can tell us what else he saw without admitting that what he claims he saw the first time was a lie. There would be no way he could explain where Martin eventually ended up without admitting that Zimmerman was not having his head smashed on concrete when the shot was fired.

Since we know they were never on the sidewalk, how did Good come to be instrumental in aiding to the clear lie that Zimmerman was having his head bashed on cement? In his first interview with Serino he said, “I don’t know if you’ve ever had your head bashed on concrete but it hurts.” And he said what prompted him to call police is when they moved to the sidewalk because that’s when he knew it was serious. The cries for help didn’t make it serious? But more importantly, the physical evidence found at the scene including belongings of both the participants and the shell casing says this encounter happened in grass. John Good made up a lie to help bolster Zimmerman’s story. When, where and how? That is a question for the D.O.J.

The State Prosecutors clearly believed John Good. Hopefully the DOJ investigators are much smarter than Angela Corey’s Motley Crue.



  1. BTW here is John Good’s 911 call. Notice he is now looking out of his window and he can clearly see Martin is black because a flashlight is being shined on him. Notice that it’s clear that at first he assumes that the guy that was screaming is now dead but later he says he believed the person who fired the shot was screaming. In real time what he said made sense so that means he never saw the black guy on top, he made up the story of Martin being on top after the fact

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