A COMPREHENSIVE list of GZ’s falsehoods and inconsistencies



(in progress, incomplete for now, check back for updates)

By establishing just how thorough George Zimmerman’s falsehoods and inconsistencies have been, we can establish just how thorough the failure of our social institutions were in this case. This page is meant to be a one stop resource for all the revelations about GZ’s credibility that are currently scattered in various spots over the web, to be used as a tool by researchers in academia, the media, and the general public.

I have made a page for text files of Zimmerman’s statements.

By my count, there are no less than 9 versions of Zimmerman’s story:

A. NEN call

B. Written statement

C. Initial interview with Singleton

D. Initial interview with Serino

E. Walk-through “re-enactment”

F. CVSA recording

G. ‘Challenge’ interview with Serino and Singleton

H. Hannity interview

I. As told to Mark Osterman

I think it makes sense to divide this…

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