George Zimmerman Is Still Unbelievable!

Mysterious Observations

Well George Zimmerman is making the media rounds as if he has a movie premiere coming up and of course he doesn’t want any publicity!  Here a quote from one of the interviews he gave on his current “plight!”

“When you hit your head repeatedly against the concrete, you have a broken nose, eyes full of blood and tears, you’re not in the position to do much,”

George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffering from PTSD” New York Daily News, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well now I understand that he was found not guilty which of course doesn’t mean he is innocent, just that a jury found “reasonable doubt”, but his claim that Trayvon Martin  punched him in the face 12+ times, smashing his head into the concrete each time is still ludicrous.  It defies the laws of physics, human anatomy and common sense and is contradicted by the…

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